Bespoke Financial Advice and Financial Planning

Luther Wealth Management’s investment philosophy is grounded in the fundamentals:

  • Well-diversified portfolios tailored to the needs and risk preferences of the client
  • Maximizing tax-advantaged investment accounts
  • Minimizing costs and fees
  • Comprehensive lifetime financial planning

I am an independent financial adviser and a CFA charterholder. I am a fiduciary which means I am legally and morally required to manage assets for your benefit and to act only in your best interest. Let’s have a conversation about your goals!


  • On-demand counseling
  • Risk tolerance assessment
  • Fully tailored portfolio management
  • Lifetime financial planning
  • Traditional and Roth IRA management
  • SEP plans
  • Tax loss harvesting
  • Required Minimum Distribution calculations

Transparent Pricing

I strongly believe in transparent, low fees. At Luther Wealth, I am compensated through an Assets Under Management (AUM) fee of 0.65%. This means that you pay 0.65% of your total invested assets per year as a management fee, invoiced monthly and automatically withdrawn from invested assets.

Trading activity through my custodian brokerage generates some trading commissions, but I cover those costs for my clients.