Critical Flaws in Binance and Other Crypto Exchanges

For most of 2022, financial news has been filled with stories about big losses across all asset classes. But one of the biggest losers has been cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. This has led to many investors reconsidering their allocations to cryptocurrency. I don’t recommend cryptocurrencies as an investment for any of my clients, but the topic does come up occasionally. But let’s set aside any recommendation I have about cryptocurrencies themselves. I’d like to bring up a recommendation I have about the various methods of cryptocurrency investing. In short, I strongly recommend against using an online exchange such as Binance to invest in cryptocurrencies.

an example of a mobile investing platform like Binance
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Direct Indexing in Luther Wealth’s Future

In the great divide between active and passive investing strategies, Luther Wealth is definitely in the passive camp. All of my clients are fully invested in low cost mutual funds and ETFs. I use a proprietary asset allocation algorithm, but the securities themselves are just vanilla index funds. But lately I have been considering altering this ETF strategy for certain clients. Not in favor of an active strategy, but rather in favor of a different passive style known as direct indexing.

direct indexing can be implemented in the interactive brokers platform
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