Wednesday Reading List – 25 September 2019

An extra long list this week to catch up after Hurricane Dorian. Favorite quote this week: “Thus, accumulating evidence shows that over-representation of males in STEM fields is perhaps better framed as under-representation of males in reading fields and the latter is driven by relatively low reading achievement among males.”

School Shootings and Availability Bias

Did you know that today’s young parents were about 58% more likely to get shot at school than today’s school-aged children? Contemporary thirty-somethings actually went to schools with much more frequent shootings than today’s teenagers do.

This probably seems incorrect to most people. Most people think that nowadays kids have to deal with dangers that weren’t present in the good old days. But when you look at the data, it turns out we are all wrong about this. So why is our trusty intuition so off-the-mark?

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