My Favorite Financial Sites

Nothing fancy here, just a quick list of my favorite financial sites (besides Luther Wealth) and what I use them for. It’s a fairly short list, because most financial sites are actively harmful to the typical investor.

St. Louis FRED

The St. Louis FRED (Federal Reserve Economic Data) is incredibly, incredibly cool. It is a repository of all sorts of economic information. The data is curated and is of extremely high quality. The database tools are research quality and suitable for making professional analyses and presentation. It’s free. It has a user friendly API.

It is so cool.

Downside: none whatsoever.


NerdWallet is great for reviews of credit cards, miles programs, robo-advisers, and anything else related to personal finance. The site also has regularly updated market rates for mortgages, etc. I trust them for unbiased explanations of any financial concept I am unfamiliar with.

Treasury Direct is a government-run site to directly participate in U.S. Treasury auctions at no transaction cost. You can buy U.S. Treasury bills and bonds at the exact same pricing that institutional investors get at the source.

Downside: it’s more convenient to consolidate all of your investments, including treasuries, in one spot, like at Luther Wealth.


Betterment is my favorite robo-adviser. I think most investors are interested in a bit more of a helping hand than robo-advisers provide. But, if you’re comfortable doing some of your own homework, they can be an option worth considering.

SEC Edgar

Edgar is an SEC run website to permanently store public company filings. Most notably quarterly and annual earnings reports, and new security issuance documents. It is a great resource for doing fundamental valuation research on individual companies.

Downside: single stock research is fun but not worth your time.

Trezor / Ledger

Trezor and Ledger both sell cold wallets for cryptocurrencies. Cold wallets let you keep control of your cryptographic keys for all digital currencies. If you don’t control your keys, you don’t actually own your cryptocurrency. Both wallets are great and I would just pick whichever is cheaper that day. I don’t recommend investing in crypto but if you have some, it should be in a cold wallet.

Downside: cryptocurrencies are probably a bad investment. But I do own a small amount of ether.

Financial Times

FT has great finance reporting and also my favorite global newspaper. It avoids some partisanship common in domestic newspapers.

Downside: paywalled.

The Big Picture

Barry Ritholtz’s finance blog, The Big Picture. One of my favorite financial advice writers. A personal inspiration for my own wealth management business.


Vanguard is my favorite mutual fund provider. It has massively improved investing for middle and working class families over the years, primarily through its offering of low fee index funds. I select Vanguard mutual funds and ETFs frequently for many clients.

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